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28 Sep 2008 - 15:47 WIB

  • October 27, is born baby girl, named Santi Mayasari Cahyadi
  • 26 November, the birth of a baby boy named Hasan Duriat Asep
  • 19 November 1996 Bandung Jl. Computer Rental Cipadung is our initial conference, bringing together the commitment to build lasting friendships and to foster love
  • March 10, 2001 a special day, but the sacred bond uniting two beings with ropes of marriage, following the Sunnah, a family sakinah Mawaddah Warohmah. 
  • July 29, 2002 our son was born to a married couple from Santi Mayasari C & Asep Hasan Duriat knight named Kaka Nickname LAZUARDY HASAN
  • 30 Juni2008 Birth of our son’s second given name Berliana HASAN INTAN INTAN Nickname




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